Recently i've gotten a new amp, a peavey rage 158. i use to have this small starter pack amplifier that had built in distortion so i would like to just get a good effective first pedal. the only thing im looking for is distortion.

which is better between the the two? a boss ds-1 or a digitech hothead distortion?
im open to any other suggestions as well.
I personally think the DS1 is a great pedal once you mod it. Its also a great beginner budget pedal. Not a fan of the hothead. But, like joe_k said-

Styles played?

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Haha. UG's Chuck just said chuck. haha
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the highest im willing to go would be $100. i dont want to go over that since im not a serious musician. im not sure what style/music i play since all the subgenres are confusing to me >_>
but i do listen to a lot of jrock bands though. my favorite band would be the gazette
some songs
i hope that helps. >_>
A decent overdrive/distortion would probably be cool for you. Try some out, see what you think.

Also, maybe you can score a cheap multi-effects, like one of the lower Digitech RP. You would have to go used, but it's definantly possible to find a multi-fx in your price range.
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A Pro Co Rat might be right up your alley, does light distortion, heavy crunch, and at times fuzz, cheap too.