Ok im gunna try this again seeing as it has failed again.

Im 17(gunna be 18 in november) and looking to join or form a progressive alternative rock band. ive been playing guitar for 4 years. I currently live in santa monica but gunna move to riverside for college.

my influences are the mars volta, radiohead, portugal the man, omar rodriguez lopez, anything by jack white( dead weather, the stripes, racenteours) chilli peppers and john frusciante, muse, no doubt, system of a down, mastodon and much more.

i want to create a new sound and im very serious about music. so if you play guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, sax, or any other instrument let me know.

if you already ahve a band formed along my musical tastes then id be very welcome to join.
wow this looks like a band I'd be willing to join, I'm even the close in age (almost 17)

but.....I live on the other side of the country why can't I ever win?
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