Institute for human continuity? Have you guys heard of this bogus thing telling people about this organization to stop 2012. lmfao. All i see happening, is since nothing is really gonna happen on 2012 anyways is the IHC is gonna take credit for that.
i think what u are replying to is a commercial for the movie 2012
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hahaha. did you not see at the end where it said, "this film is not yet rated"?
2012 is bollocks.

End of thread.
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lol I guess they did a good job if you believed it. I remember this being posted in the pit a while ago.
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...totaLlY impossible
lol its a movie comercial for one of those 50/50 awesome movie/epic suck types that I will wait out and gauge others reaction on before i see
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Guys, you lot are so blind. Stop believing the media and open your eyes to the fact that we're being controlled by Jews using microchips from giant skyscrapers made of gold that they built on Mars. And on 2012 David Icke is going to implode because the US Government knows that he knows way to much stuff about their knowing things.

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Haha, i fail, aint that about a bitch lmfao. the site seemed so real, http://www.instituteforhumancontinuity.org/

It happens dude. And I will give it to you, that site is pretty legit looking, lol.
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