Well I just recorded a song using Cubase 5/EZdrummer...did the electric guitar part for it....and I always end up disappointed. Check out my song called "Electric Demo", I just cant get that big bad and powerful electric guitar sound. I use AKG mics and a Tascam US-122 to do it. Ignore the long verses and repititous power chord progression...I havent added lyrics or a solo yet.

You can also check out my song called "Jam Track", I have no problem with my acoustic sound but go about 1:55 into the song where I go electric and its ok....but I want more. I also played the drums myself (which is the biggest bi**h to record).

Anyone with alot of electric recording experience, I would appreciate the comments. O well thanks alot, feel free to refrain yourself from stupid comments.

Just check em out on my profile. Gracias UG.
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I actually like your tone, but a bit of presence won't hurt.
R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio. Supplied amazing music to both me and my mother.

He will be missed.
I personally would be more worried about the drum sound..

the guitar just needs to be a bit louder, a bit more upper mids and treble wouldn't hurt either.