I am starting a contest for best solo recrodings. Solos of any well known bands are welcome. The deadline isn't fixed yet.

These are the rules of the contest:

1. No vocals.
2. The solos must be well known.
3. The recording must be submitted to UG only (youtube is not allowed).
4. Tracks must be limited to 2 minutes.
5. You can use a drum machine if you want.

I need some judges too....
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hey man, i could throw the november rain (guns and roses) or time(pink floyd) solo your way time goes for just under 1 min 30 and and november rain solo 1 goes for 50 seconds and solo 2 goes for about 35 seconds. im just telling you the songs just incase you dont know so u can go check em out so you know wat u could b listening too