Hey, im a passionate player and am about to make my first electric guitar for my year 12 project. Ive been advised to attatch the headstock onto the neck rather than have a one piece as this will give me a higher score. I'm not sure if this is a good idea. Will this have a huge effect on tone?? Could it easily break?? What Kind of joint is best?? ive been studying this all night and found next to nothing. Any help appreciated. please dont reply if your just some 11 year old who thinks they know everything lol
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Scarf joint the headstock? Best make you neck 3 piece as well, with the middle piece flipped.
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You also might want to laminate the neck for extra looks, strength and marks:
(you don't have to use the said woods)

(you can also see a crafty little scarf joint in this picture)
yea thx laminating is a good idea but you need extra wood and accuracy that im not sure i have ill definitely think about it tho thanks
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(you can also see a crafty little scarf joint in this picture)
Is it just me, or is that scarf joint backwards?
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A scarf joint is nice for keeping to smaller dimension wood for the neck, and it also keeps the grain aligned in the headstock, which can amke the headstock stronger.

But there are also aesthetic considerations. I've never really liked the look of a scarf joint. I prefer to cut the neck from one rectangular blank (laminated), and include a volute for added strength.
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Is it just me, or is that scarf joint backwards?

It's glued the opposite way that most people seem to do them, but you can assemble them either way.
yea well im thinking the scarf joint is the way to go then wat kind of glue would be recommended??
titebond original
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Ohk thank you so that doesnt need to be heated or mixed with water or anything like that??
...also any other info about the scarf joint is much appreciated (eg how do i cut it?? what are the risks/things to be careful of??)
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Is it just me, or is that scarf joint backwards?


now i made a guitar for my hsc aswell, laminate your neck, use jarrah because it looks awesome and it a really hard wood, aswell as laminating the neck and scarf jointing it, laminate the headstock with something really flamey like flamed maple or zebrawood, also just make it look really nice, if your lucky you will have time to make the guitar play and look nice, but first focus on making it aesthetically pleasing and when you finish year 12 make it play well, because your main focus is to get marksand they dont care how it plays only how it looks and how it was built.
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