Hey everyone.
I've recently been looking into getting a wah pedal. As you can tell from the title, I'm looking at either an original Dunlop Crybaby or a Snarling dogs whine o wah wah. I really like the fact the whine o wah has true bypass and an LED, but I'm just after a killer tone. Which one would you all recommend? Thanks!
Crybaby, I think that you should go for that.

Because the crybaby does´nt change your tone.
I mainly play nine inch nails sorta stuff...no metal though, just hard rock-ish music.
If you go Dunlop, I'd skip the Crybaby Original and the Crybaby Classic and get the 535Q. Much better buffering, tone, and it has an adjustable sweet. I've never heard the other one before, so I can't give you an opinion on which to get.
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i'm not a big fan of Snarl... but if you're thinking of going the CB route, I'd suggest looking into one of their models that has an adjustable Q (535Q, for example).
Wah tone is a very personal thing. Try them both, then decide which one you like better.
im not srue what the original crybaby sounds like but ive owned 2 different crybaby classics and 2 crybaby 535qs.

i originally went with the classic. one broke after about a week something like the gear came lose and you couldnt push back and forth on the pedal it was just stuck. the second one came with a very annoying crackling sound right out of the box.

decided to upgrade to the 535q... no defects or anything but it didnt suite my style of playing back then so i returned it after it was all said and done.

recently got another and ive realized i only use one setting the whole time i think the rest just dont sound good.