wow man. great great playing. i love the tone. this sounds so good. you look the part man. i wouldent doubt if you tour with a known act. youre picture almost seems familyer. anyways cool little ditty. the chords/rythem is there. i like the acoustic. but like you said, it dosent seem to click. what about going from that distorted guitar/to clean tone to the acoustic then back act. that might be a cool way to connect it? cool stuff though man. with drums and a connection that would be killer! i would love to hear it after that stuff has been done. rock on my man!

crit mine/ https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1189840
dude, you seriously just made my day, thank you so much for the input
I shall reciprocate shortly

I'm currently in the middle of writing 2 new tracks, but when they are done i'll come back and redo this one
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Playing's good. Playing's BRILLIANT. However, it's 3 separate songs You really need to find a singer and flesh out your ideas a bit more...

On the first part, I love that clean descending part bringing us into the distorted chords, really nice idea and excecuted perfectly- except then we hear it again... and again.... I think it would be better if you only heard it at the start, then stuck with the chords, so a singer could come in later on top of you.

Acoustic guitar part, nice. Doesn't fit at all, but nice. 3rd part, really nice playing. Don't know what to say, both good, just on their own.

BTW Novus Tempus sounds AWSOME! Really good song!
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'tis a good day indeed

thanks for the input, and I do agree it does sound like multiple songs in one, a few of my songs seem to go that way lol.

at the time of recording I was just learning the pentatonic scale, so I was maybe over doing it a bit with the lead in

Novus Tempus was a bit of an after thought really, took literally 10 minutes to write/record.
I was trying to warm up for another song I was about to record but instead came up with a christmas type melody(sounds like it to me atleast), not really my intention but it seems to work so whatever
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maybe you could have a smoth transition betwen the parts that sound like new songs. it's not bad to have a complete flip of what the song sounds like but it just has to flow. it sort of just jumps there all at once. also, you could use a little more vibrato. I like it none the less.

also, novus tempus started to play automatically after that. i really loved that.

i did a purple haze jam and uploaded it if you want to hear that. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1191050
thanks for the transition tip, I'm writing a song atm that jumps from acoustic to electric and back again a number of times so i'll try to make it sound a bit more natural in the crossovers

glad you all enjoy my tracks, especially novus tempus
"Be good or be lucky, of course it doesn't hurt to be both.."