My current guitar, a Washburn X50 pro e, comes with a crappy, poorly made plastic nut. I want to replace the nut with a Graph tech trem nut. The particular model nut I have found is usually used on epiphones but the dimensions match my guitar perfectly, give or take a couple of mm.

My question is, would it work if I take the old nut off, stand it next to the new nut, compare the sizes ,and then gently sand down the new nut with some fine grit until both are the same size exactly? If both nuts are the same size then surely it wouldnt make a difference.

All Washburns now come standard with the buzz feiten tuning system (although I dont understand why they dont have a bone/graphite nut) so the current nut on the guitar has been made to fit the guitar in accordance with the tuning system.

I have fitted a graph tech nut before with what seemed like little trouble but this guitar means more to me and I dont want to waste my time and f*** it up.

Thanks in advance, M.
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yeah that'd work fine.
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As long as it's the same size as the old nut, you'll be fine. I actually just replaced the nut on my guitar with a graphtech nut. It's a pretty easy, straightforward job. There is a ton of good information on graphtech's web site, so just read through all of that thoroughly beforehand and you'll be fine.
Just by a better quality replacement nut.
Hit the old one one the side *gently* with a hammer and it should come loose.
Then, Apply the new one with wood glue, clamp it and let it sit for 24 hours.

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