which amp would be better for pop punk/ alternative rock ??

and whats the difference between these two amps?? i herd that VC series dont have as much gain as LC...but do these amps sound different??
yeah the VC30 is voiced for classic rock, so a loose bottom end, less gain, nicer cleans and a better power amp break-up. The lc 50 has a lot more gain, worse cleans, is voiced for modern heavier music and is more brittle on break-up. So it really depends on exactly what alternative rock you play. I'd take a VC30 with a nice boost, but I'm a classic rock man myself
But for you, probably an LC50 on its own would be better. There's a lot of music covered by those genres, and a lot of amps for that kind of music. It would help if you could be more specific as to what exact tones you want
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