so i bought a fender superchamp xd a while ago, and i love it! To the point, the only thing that slightly bothers me is that there is no mid control, and so my question is if i were to try and replicate the eq/tone on another amp for clean channel, around what should the mid be set at?
Who can say? All amps have their own character. There is no universal standard for EQ dial positions. You could always throw an EQ in front of your SCXD. A couple of the high gain voices have scooped mids.
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Generally Fenders are considered to be pretty scooped, its what gives them their signature "sparkly" tone, among other things. So if you want to emulate the stock Fender sound, which I'm assuming the SCXD does, you'd scoop the mids on another clean channel and dial in the correct amount of 'brightness' with the treble.

But as Fly135 said, this is completely subjective, and the fact that the SCXD has different voicings makes it impossible to say "it MUST be EQed like this."
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