Well learn the tunings (or not) and the name of each string.
Learn a few major and minor chords.
Practise strumming and simple timing.
But I don't know what to suggest since I can't remember what I started off doing.

I'm pretty sure this is the wrong place to post here aswell...........
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Read this https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1091796

Its long but its well worth the read. Make sure you start off using good technique like putting your thumb in the middle of the back of the neck and not wrapped around it.
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Getting a guitar teacher for a bit to get you going will help you loads.
You don't have to keep him/her, just keep 'em till you get what you are after, then kick them!

Or, you could start with learning the names of the OPEN strings.
- Beginner songs: You can use the search bar to find that, as there is a whole thread filled with beginner songs to learn.

- Technique development: this is BROAD, you don't really want to stick to the techniques that only apply to you. In other words. Learn more techniques than you need. But focus MORE on the ones that apply to you. it will make you a more rounded guitarist. Which quite a few people would kill for nowadays.

- Music theory: No, don't start thinking of excuses not to learn it. Start learning it.
It helps oh so much!
Not only will it improve your playing (By a hell of a lot may I add) it will also give you a VERY deep understanding of your instrument and music itself.
Most music theory you will be exposed to here on this site (Just look into the musicians forum on this site) is complex, scary and intimidating, but music theory begins at a very basic level. Things like the note names, and the intervals (spaces) between notes.

- Scales, Arpeggios, chords and HOW TO USE THEM: Yup, believe it or not. Learning scales till your brain explodes won't help you in the least. Learn how to use these things, such as learning songs that use a particular scale. Or improvising over a song using the scale.

- Improvising: Uhhh. This subject is hazy for me, and quite a large number of others. It's not that I don't know how to improvise. It's trying to explain how to learn it.
But, you need to learn how to improvise, it's one of those essential skills that hardly anybody can teach .

Hope this helps