yeah, basically i just want to know which is the best of each brand. i like all types of music and mostly post-hardcore stuff. thanks for all the help
There's no "Best" pickup, it's all an opinion thing. A JB/ Jazz set sounds like it would be good for you.
What amp are you using, you have to make sure a pickup swap will actually make a significant difference to your tone.
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I just got myself a Seymour Duncan Invader SH-2 & SH-8. Awesome combination, very recommendable. But seeing you're interested in EMG's too, I guess if you don't mind passives, Seymour Duncan AHB-2's would be my best recommendation. Their sound is insane.

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It depends on what the person but for me EMG 81 and 85 are the best for me since their awesome for any type of metal just put the 81 in the bridge for soloing and the 85 in the neck so you get some massive crunch to it.Now when it comes to duncans I'd have to say Invaders sense their amazing at picking both the high and low frequency's with massive sustain,put this in the bridge and then a Blackout in the neck and you have a pretty damn brutal sound.
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but IMHO the best EMG is the 81 reversed (logo at the top left)
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Depends on the guitar and what you like in your sound...

But for my mahogany guitars, it'd be an 81 in the bridge and either an 89 or 60 in the neck, the 85 sucks in the neck IMO, especially when compared to the 89 and 60 I'd also do the 18v mod to them.

From Duncan, a JB in the bridge, neck - really no preference cause I've yet to find a Duncan neck pickup i truly like, I have a Jazz in both my guitars with them, don't really like it, way too warm DiMarzio PAF Pro is my favorite passive neck pickup so far.
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