Sup guys. im in the market for a new amp to upgrade from my POS marshal 10 watt practice amp. im going to be using the new amp to practice with my band and hopefully play some small gigs. I play mostly punk, numetal (Linkin Park) and alternative. ive been looking around and I found a used AD30VT at my local music shop. My main worry here is im not sure it will be loud enough. my budget is $250 US. I know its tiny, but its all ive got for a year. will the vox do it? please offer other suggestions.
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You need at least 50 solid state watts to play with a drum kit.

I could get over drums with my 15 watt MG.

OP, look into the Peavey Vypyr 30. They're good amps on a budget, and loud.

If you can, a used Line 6 Flextone would be even better (NOT the Spider).
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