Hi i want to purchase BOSS CS-3 Compression Sustainer pedal but i dont know if i need a noise suppressor to go with it can any one help me out thanks
The CS-3 will not create noise in and of itself...if your amp is noisy, then yes I would get a noise gate, however, if you don't....I wouldn't worry about it. A compressor just compresses the signal allowing you to push the volume a bit more and get more sustain....
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I have that pedal and yes it will give u hum or noise depending on where you put it in your line of pedals. For whatever reason, the pedal works better for me (more sustain) when its the first pedal of my line, and it gives me a decent amount of noise. However the pedal doesn't "perform" as well when its not #1 in the order for me, and less noise is created. im not sure why this is.