Hi all!

I have been tasked with writting some songs for my new band and this song "Running out of Time" is one such song.

Anyway, was hoping to get some feedback on the song. This is just a rough mix to demo for this band.

As some of you already know...I will certainly return the favor by checking out your stuff. Gracious.

BTW... I listed the lyrics as well and the song is about some poor bastard falling for a hooker...and it did not work out so well!

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thanks for the crit man.

i listend to running out of time. i like the chords and rythem of the track. reminds me allot of clasic rock stuff. journey or even some skynyrd. the lyrics were cool, but i wasent a fan of the singing. there is too much re-verb. i think the singer is trying to almost hide his voice in a way. that exstreem re-verb is a cool effect but not for the whole song. i think if you got rid of that it would sounds allot better. otherwise i thought it was a great track.
As a personal preference thing, the way it started off was a little jarring. The vocals sound like the singer is tense. Relax, let them flow better. Hold out your notes longer, lighten up on the consonants. The song itself sounds pretty classic rock. It sounds a bit too generic for my tastes. Be more creative with the vocal melodies, and try to get more exotic with your chord progs. And I don't mean little inbetween diminshed chords, I mean throw exotic chords into the main mix. The mix of all the instruments sounds too busy, and it sounds way too spacey, use less reverb and chorus effects. In terms of dynamics now, it fell quite flat for my tastes. Have louder louds, and quieter quiets. That should really help add depth.

Simon and Garfunkle revival man...
Peace be thy journey
Thanks for the crit so far! I think I returned the favor to everyone so far that requested it. If I miss anyone, please let me know.