Comment on anything, song structure, guitar tone, etc. For anyone interested, the guitars were recorded with a Vypyr 75 through an SM-57 plugged into a Lexicon Alpha. Bass was done with Guitar Rig, and drums were programmed with Beatcraft and lots of time.

Oh, the song is called "It's Okay Guys..."
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I liked it alot. It's got a really cool feel to it. Kept me interested all the way through but wasn't disjointed at all. Loved it. 5 stars
without vocals by the 2 min mark i was getting sick of it. not to say its not good. the guitar playing was great, along with the recording. i did feel though that by that 2 min mark it needed a change realy bad something to take it some place else. it was just that same riffing over and over again. with a little varryation and vocals this could be a great song. the guitar part sounds great, and maybe with vocals it wouldent need a change as bad. that was a good listen though. i'd love to hear it when its done.

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