I know you get tons of these, but I need some advice here. I've joined a new band as bassist (my first time filling the bass role in a band), and I'm going to need an amp for live play. I play a 5-string Traben Phoenix, and I use the full range of the bass, but obviously the priority is having a good low tone - an amp which will not hinder the low B is important. I prefer a warmer, less percussive tone for this band (although flexibility is ideal, I do enjoy playing what little slap I can). I'm aiming to spend around £200, but if I'm too limited with that budget I will try to go as far beyond that as I can. Try to keep close to that with suggestions though - I am but a poor student (and musician... Horrible double whammy).

So essentially,

1. Something that can provide a nice tone for the full range of the bass, but if impractical, emphasis obviously on the low end tone.

2. Will keep me audible in a live environment with a drummer, three vocalists, and two guitarists.

At the end of the day, point 2 is most important. Sorry if I've provided lots of useless information, but I have no clue regarding bass amps.
try to find somethin thats in your price range around 200 watts and someone here will tell you if it's decent
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Well, ideally I'm looking for a few suggestions that I can go to the city and try out. I had my eye on this: http://www.guitar.co.uk/amplifiers/bass/2267-laney_rb8_bass_amplifier?page=2

But I was hoping someone could suggest something a bit cheaper. However, if a few people can tell me that amp is good quality for the cost, then I may very well go for it. I still need to try it either way, but it's not the same to try it in a shop compared to how it holds up in a live environment - hence, the need for input.
I don't think you'll get anything too great with your budget. It really depends on your venue, style of music, and how much head room you want. I played a jazz gig in a room for 200 people or so, with about 16 other people, with a 16w 110 kustom combo. My tone wasn't great -every knob was at 10- but it worked.

I think you should shell it out for that laney. Or a hartke. I'd grab a 115 combo for now, and if it gives you the option you can grab a 410 or 210 for it later. (to balance out the lows)
you should be able to get a good Laney RB for that and boy are they robust pieces of kit i got the 15w practice and it goes loud as hell.

Pretty underatted bits of kit aswell imo and do the job well oh and its British :P

EDIT and i see your from Scotland if you stay near Edinburgh or Glasgow pop into guitarguitar they stock the Laney RB series usually.

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Second hand is the key and headroom is always a good idea, a simple rule of thumb is take the power of your guitarists amps add them together then double it, but obviously it's all about budget but you should be able to get hold of something half decent S/H for £200 that will meet your needs.
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