Hey guys. I'm having a problem with my soloing. I find that I can play moderatley fast straight alternate picking sixteenth (or sixteenth note triplet runs). But when it comes to learning solos from players like Slash I find it difficult to play their fast runs note for note.

Take 'Slither' for example. During the first run the note duration changes quite often and it throws me off every time (even when slowed down the 50 bpm, to my eternal shame). I was wondering whether and of you had any advice on how to fix this, or whether there are any easier solos in that sort of genre I should learn first.

learn some cheesy 80's metal solo's first. sounds stupid, but it'll help.
Liiviiiing onnn a praaayer, yeah!

Bon Jovi have easy cool solos, and they sound cool, as long as you love pinched harmonics. Gnarly!
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Yeah, I think the issue is not holding the notes for long enough when soloing esp. during fast licks.