so i just finished a few recordings... lemme know what you think of this one, either the song itself or the recording quality


if anyone has tips on things i could do to mix this better that would be awesome! i dunno what im doing when it comes to that stuff... thats why im going to college
Write the music you want to hear.
May I be the first to say that that was totally awesome!
I really enjoyed listening to that, great diversity of sounds/styles.
Did you play all of the instruments yourself? If so, great work.. Although the drumming does sound like a drum machine..
Your guitar playing is great (how long have you been playing?) and the mix is quite good as well; the only thing I can say about that is that in some places it has too much bass and you can't hear the guitars well enough (at least, that's what I think..)

The only other thing I can say about this is to change the name.. It reminds me directly of John Petrucci's Suspended Animation album. Not really a bit thing, but as it is the same genre.. I personally try to avoid creating songs that have similar names to songs of the same style, but that might just be me.

Good work.
Fantastic, beautiful work my friend.

Some negative comments:

I know prog is meant to be wacky and all that stuff but at times you really lost flow and direction in the middle. Also what was that at 0:50? Was that a growl? If it was, i'd take it out.. it wasn't good and it didn't feel right. The mix was generally good although the keyboards were buried too deep at times.

The positives:

Awesome mix, really was. Great programming. Awesome writing.. everything was fantastic. It felt really exciting and on its toes throughout. I loved the whispers towards the end.

I mean it, this was an incredible song. I loved it, really did.
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I'm totally blown away by the mix. The guitars sound fantastic, and while the drums might be a little bit too loud, they still sound amazing. What's your recording setup?

As far as the songwriting goes, I absolutely love most of the riffs here. Prog-metal is not a genre I know very well, but I like the way this song flows. The riff that starts around 1:03 is my favorite.

I agree with isabiggles that the growl at 0:50 feels out of place, but I don't think it hurts the song that much.
Overall, fantastic work.
glad u all like it thanks... so to answer a few of your questions -
I played the guitars, the rest (drums, strings, bass) i used midi files converted to mp3 using hamienet.com's midi converter
ummmm ive been playing for about 4 years or so. yeah ik what u mean about the name tho haha

anyway for guitar i just use my Carvin CT6 with guitar port. i've got garage band for mixing/editing. all the voice stuff is a ****ty computer mic to garage band lol

and ya if any of u have new songs/posts id be happy to critique =D
Write the music you want to hear.
cool man. i love the mixing of this. it sounds very pro studio. great playing/composing. it gets a bit long without vocals, that i think this song needs. otherwise the air seems to float out of it. i like at 210 when you kinda slow it down then get bacj into it. that was cool. i think with vocals this would be ace. not much else to say.

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