So I finally finished season 2 of Twin Peaks (dear god the final episode is amazing) and am now looking for a sort-of similar TV show. I'm not looking for a show that's built on a similar premise, merely one that's well-written, interesting and somewhat experimental. Preferably one that has already aired.
I dunno, Lost? Could even catch up before the final series airs next year...
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Try Degrassi.

as for Lost, I watched the first two seasons and then got bored. I might try and pick up where I left off though.
Aye, 2's probably the worst season imo. Really starts to pick up after that though.
I started Twin Peaks a month ago and I just kind of forgot about it ahaha. I really need to pick up on it again though, David Lynch is a genius. Too bad I already spoiled myself of the whole plot XD

I remember some show David Lynch made about 3 bunny people sitting in an apartment room while nonsensical things happened. Watch that maybe?
^ I think it's called Rabbits. I've only seen the footage of it that's used in Inland Empire, but it looked pretty cool. Do you know where I can watch it or acquire it?