..and I've got a crowbar wedged in my wallet to pick up a second guitar. My question is on avoiding redundant pickup options.

If I'm going to pick up a strat style guitar, should I go for the 3 single coil pickups or the 2 single coil plus a humbucker option? In other words is a HSS semi redundant if my Soapbar II already has dual P90's?

As far as which guitar(s) I've narrowed things down to - I'm getting drawn to the G&L Tribute line
i think single coils sound completely different than p90s (i know p90s are technically single coils, but they DON'T sound like strat pickups). i say go HSH or HSS. you'll definitely get some good tones. you'll have p90 neck, bridge, humbucker bridge, and some strat-like single coil sounds

EDIT: the reason i say HSS instead of SSS is because i think a good humbucker sound is important. if it's not important to you then go SSS, it won't sound like your guitar you already have
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I can't see a Strat sounding much like your prs. If you get a G&L Legacy with a nice maple fretboard you'll have a completely different guitar.
Just for clarification, I'm not going to reconfigure or sell my Soapbar. I'd be getting a new guitar as treatment for my recent case of GAS.

I guess I was more curious as to the overlapping sound profile of P90's vs. Humbuckers. If they were similar in nature (though not exact), I'd prefer to go a completely different route with a second guitar.
I personally prefer all single coils on my strats. The bridge pickup is great for twangy leads IMO.
TBH, if you want to buy a Strat for Strat tones, get a SSS [like me].

If you're not bothered, then HSS will do fine.
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p90s and humbuckers won't sound much alike. take your guitar to a store and A/B them (compare back and forth) and see what you like. i love my BFG has both. very convenient.
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"Well good God damn and other such phrases, I haven't heard a beat like this in ages!"
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Strats look and sound best when they're SSS, IMO.

HSS -> More versatile, better for metal and heavier genres.


Thanks for the input.

I'll head out and see what I can do about torturing the ears of my fellow guitar store shoppers by comparing SSS to HSS tones; and then HSS to P90 tones. With my anemic riffs, I should have the place cleared out in no time ;-)
I have tortured both music store customers and employees alike with my slow and sloppy riffs.

I was all set to go SSS, and was leaning toward the G&L Legacy Tribute over the MIA Strat. Then I started to look a bit at G&L's z-coil p/ups. The Tribute G&L's with z-coils move me up a bit in price range, but are still comparable or less than the MIA Strat line. In a nutshell, the Z's are more versatile and noiseless than straight single coils.

I have a tin ear for nuances, so I'm asking for some opinions from folks who may have been comparing SSS setups to a Z-coil option - and which side of the fence they've fallen on.
I like the Z coils. They have a good sound but they aren't exactly like true single coils as you have discovered. I can't say I'm on one side of the fence or the other, honestly I would love to have two different guitars with each kind. Nobody likes 60 cycle hum but as you've said most noiseless single coils sound a little diffrent. If you like the SC sound and can deal wih hum to get the true vintage strat sound its the way to go. The Z coils do a very good job at sounding like real single coils whle reducing noise, so if you aren't a tone purist it would be a good option. Good luck and happy hunting.
^ yeah, z coils rock. Get the G&L Comanche. It's amazing. Best Fender guitar I've ever played. Except for one Deluxe Players Strat that was beautiful. And hugely expensive.
After much deliberation, I think the Comanche is a better way to go for the extra dollars. Now I'm torturing myself with the import (Tribute) vs. US debate. I see the US ones occasionally on ebay, though I haven't had any successful bids yet.

I'm sure I can't go wrong with either model since they both seem to be solidly built, well playing instruments.