Ok so I want to build my first guitar with my Dad.(He doesn't know about guitars, but he knows about tools and wood.)

It will be my first time so how much of the guitar should we buy pre-made?and how much should we build by ourselves?

Also does anyone have any tips on what kind of guitar to make?
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Id suggest buying at least the neck+fretboard premade. They are going to be the hardest parts too hand make.
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Depends on what you want to get. If you buy smart, and don't care about the quality of any parts, you could probably make it at $300. If you want it to have the best hardware, it can get to $1000.
Mine, which (I'm not lying here), has brilliant hardware, got to $1050 exactly.
Oh alright thats in my range.

And one more question. What kind of body would be least challenging?
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Strats are pretty easy (Some wood dealerships that market luthier wood will sometimes draw the Strat shape on, just as default). SG's, LP's, Tele's...Basically all the classic designs have premade templates that you can get (Which are incredibly helpful).
least challenging shape would be something like a flat-top Les Paul. just one cutaway and no carves.
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My guitar teacher makes some of his own guitars so I know if you have the time and are willing to put an effort to it it's not a bad idea. Before you start you should do some serious research on the internet and perhaps buy a book or two.

You should chose to make a guitar with a bolt-on neck, a simple shape and no binding around the body because those things are very hard to make in a non-industrial setup. You should definitely buy the neck the hardware and the electronics pre-made. I suggest a tele, a strat or something along those lines, no hollowbodys or gibsons.

My teacher makes his own necks some of the time but measuring the neck and frets with surgical preciseness and inserting the fretwire and truss-rod just isn't a good idea for your first guitar. you should also find or buy the blueprints (shape, length and all that stuff) and print it out on paper 1x1 when your going to be cutting out the body. The one thing my teacher was never willing to tell me was where he got the old, dry and high quality woods. Ether way bad wood = bad guitar.

I thing you should go on some guitar building forums. The guys there will explain it to you way better than I can.
I would say mahogany is a good solid body that will be pretty easy to work with. You could also go with basswood, but that will limit you on your selection of bridges. If you go with basswood, stick with fixed bridges. Nothing floating or tremolo style, I would not even use a post mounted wrap around, as the wood may have a tendency to rip out from the extra stress. If you go with mahogany you can use a floater, but will need to use a grain filler if you are going to paint the body. Being it's your first and probably do not have physical access to someone with experience, I would suggest buying the neck already complete. If you want to gain experience, I think some places sell them with plank head stocks. That way you can design and shape your own. Check out Warmoth for necks. I've never bought from them but a lot of people from here have used them and seem to recommend them for pre-made necks.
^to the 2 posts above: you've really p***ed me off you guys. I think you've posted complete crap

Kr1stians: You shouldn't tell him what to chose. Why should he make a bolt on? "no gibsons" Seriously, stop it please. By the electronics pre made? Soldering is an easy skill to learn and is hardly difficult. Some guitar building forums? How about the one we're in now? Or is this not good enough for you? For some reason, your post has really riled me with your opinions.

Dezfx: The basswood stuff you posted is crap. Nearly every ibanez with a floating trem has a basswood body, so don't pull that stuff out saying it wont work, when it works for huge numbers of guitars. Basswood has no bearing on what bridge he can choose so STFU

Now for TS: Make your own electric guitar by Melvyn Hiscock is a great book, although it is pretty odd in some areas and misses a few. Projectguitar (it's a website) has loads of great tutorials on it. read everything you can get your hands on on the topics of guitar making. Lastly, if I were you, I'd make the neck as building the whole guitar is ultimately more satisfying and if you take your time and plan, you shouldn't have any (major) problems.

Also, a nice father son project is awesome (Y). And sorry about my abrasiveness to those two posters, they just got to me with their nonsense
Might I suggest getting the Starter Pack? It's all a bunch of great resources for beginners.

Also, nothing that needs to be done for a build is that difficult, as long as you're patient. Soldering electronics, routing, even neck carving and fretting is not difficult as long as you follow the "measure a lot, then cut" rule.
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