Hey guys, I just bought a Behringer bx4210a equipped with Bugera Hard attack 10" speakers. (got the thing for $100, so it was a good deal) I was playing it with my band last night (first jam session with it) and it all of a sudden started making this horrible cracking noise on the lower loud notes, a cracked cone for sure. So my question is, can I temporarily fix the speaker with some kind of silicon sealer or gasket maker to play a gig on Saturday? Or will I just need new speakers right away? Also, if I do get a new speaker, will I need to get both of them, or can I just replace the one that blew? Thanks.
You will need new speakers. I'd replace both of them considering the stock Behringer speakers aren't very good. I don't think I would even spend the money on new speakers; I would just go buy a whole new amp.
Well, since I just got the thing for $100, and before the speakers blew it actually sounded really good, and I never really play bass, I am the guitar player but I got the amp anyways, I am deffinately not going to go buy a new amp. Will the buzzing go away if I fix it like this, at this point, I am more concerned about getting rid of that buzz rather than getting great tone.
OKay, so I took the whole thing apart to see where the actual tear/crack was, and there was none. It turns out (I think) that the glue wore off connecting the aluminum cone to the paper outer part of the speaker, and that is what was vibrating. From there it is an easy, classic fix... Duct tape. I finished taping it up, and it sounds good as new. (It wouldn't sound good as new, but it is a Behringer, and it didn't sound that good new anyways. lol)