Well I've been playing acoustic for about three years and finally got myself a little electric package, total total newbie to an electric, this is my first time even touching an electric guitar. Anyhow I bought a new fender MIM standard strat and cheap little Marshall 10 watt amp(MG10CD), which is new also.

The issue I'm having is when I put the pickup switch all the way up or down, Im assuming these are the single pick up positions, there is tremendous buzz. But all the in between positions are perfectly fine, is this a defect in the guitar, due to the cheap amp, or are fender MIM strats just like this??

On a side note, I looked and looked everywhere on the web, but is there some sort of reference guide as to what position you should put the selector for different types of music or is it just preference. Someone please help this electric newbie!!! I spent a lot of money just want to make sure I didn't get hosed!
the first or last positions are for single pickups (neck and bridge) and will pick up interference from sources like electrical devices or whatnot. The only time I really have a problem is when I have my tv on and I'm sitting right next to it/my amp, so if it's a really noticeable buzz then there may be something wrong for all I know.

The reason the other positions don't buzz is because the combination of the two pickups acts kind of like a humbucker and cancels out the interference.
middle is reverse wound to cancel hum. the inbetween positions are the combination of the middle and neck or the middle and bridge.
theres no rules really its whatever sound you like. Yeah all the way up and all the way down are single coil positions if you hear a lot of hum at high gain or volume thats normal in these positions. Marshall mgs also hum a lot Ive got one :/ you get noiseless single coils those are nice
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It's call a 60 cycle hum, AC power is Alternating Current, and it alternates at 60 cycles a second. Because the pickups create a magnetic field they are able to pick-up up the electrons moving in the wiring of your house...

The 2 and 4 position are using the middle pickup, and either the bridge or neck, the middle pickup is reverse wound, this negates the hum. the same as Humbuckers, hence the name.

There are ways to lessen the effects of the hum. Don't play around large electrical appliances, TVs, Refrigerators, Window AC units, Computers, that sort of thing. You can also check out different Electrical outklets around the house. Also remember the guitar has a volume knob, use it. Crank the amp and control gain with the Guitars volume.

You could take a look under the pickguard and check the soldering connections. Single coils do hum, but it can be reduced with good grounding and good shielding.
thanks for the input guys appreciate it..i was playing it next to my comp ill try otherwise when i get home from work. I even picked up some guys on their phone through my amp!! Is this normal lol!? It kind of sucks that I don't really have any friends that play guitar or a guitar shop near by where I can test the guitar or amp!