I figured these a bit a bit specific (the last one) so hopefully that warrants a new thread.

First, I'm still in search of a bass to use to my pop punk band. I play a schecter Stilleto Custom 4 which is an awesome bass for doing everything (slap. tapping etc) but I can't get the sound out of it that I'm looking for and I feel that I could do with an upgrade considering the seriousness of the band I'm playing in.

I bought the Gibson SG bass despite what everyone had told me, and i learned my lesson-Listen to UG. Nevertheless, that gibson was resold, and a profit was made. No harm done.

I need a bass that looks pretty sick, (when I say sick, I don't mean warwick sick... believe me, I'd love to have a warwick but it doesnt fit what I'm trying to do) And I'm trying to find that really pop punk tone. A lot of punch, still retaining a low end.
I've ruled out P basses because I don't like the thicker necks, but I'm starting to think I should re consider.

I don't really have a price range, anything goes, but a good deal would be better off.

Also, on topic of tone, I play my bass out of a Markbass Little Mark 500 ( http://bass-guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Markbass-Little-Mark-II-500W-Bass-Head?sku=481746 ) and the 4x10 cab.
I can't quite find the tone I'm looking for at all, I've messed around quite a bit, but Haven't had much luck
Any suggestions on how to get that really punchy-rock tone that rips through the mix live?

Mid Low-
Mid HIgh-
What throws me off is the last two.

any help would be awesome. I've messed around quite a bit.
Also, I do play with my fingers, but assume I'm playing with a pick (since I'm probably making the switch for the band anyway)
I'm sure someone else can help you with the amp, but I think I can help with the bass.

You sound like you want to look at the P basses with jazz necks. I have one and love it to bits. It would suit the tone you are looking for perfectly and not have the horrible P neck.
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as far as the eq goes: lows at like 3 o'clock
low mids at 12 o'clock
no high mids
highs at like 3 o'clock

for a bass i would recommend a jazz bass or this: http://bass-guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Sterling-by-Music-Man-RAY34-Bass?sku=580995
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P bass special It has a jazz neck and one jazz pickup, for extra versatility should you want it (:

I'd wait until you get the bass, and then screw with the amp after. I know my bass so well that whne I adjust my tone for the next song, I just flick everything automatically. I couldn't tell you what "o'clock" they're on.