i'm returning to playing after not playing for a year, i am currntly in the process in getting new gear.
i'm going to a store next week to potentially get an epiphone g-400, whilst i'm there i'm considering getting a distortion pedal as the distorion on my amp is useless and i can not afford a new amp. this would be my first pedal and i'm considering the artec soloist distortion http://www.artecsound.com/effect/index.html as it looks solid, is pretty cheap and the demos i've heard are like what i want to play.
my current amp is a tenson scream 15 i know it's not that good but the clean sound goood even with a guitar that had a loose output jack connection.
so i was wondering if this pedal would be any good, i can only spend about €40 and i'm looking to play all types of rock, some metal and some blues. any opinions and recomendations are welcome.