I've been playing an acoustic for almost an year, and now i want to move to the electric.

So i would be playing mostly Jimi Hendrix, ZZ Top and some others (Clapton, Queen, Dylan, Aerosmith, etc.)

So that ranges to many tones and stuff, so i'm thinking of something more versatile...

Anyways lurking on the internet i came down to these

Vox Pathfinder10
Orange Micro crush 3/Crush 10
Laney lx12

So since i'm going to play in a flat, i don't really need much loudness. Also i'm thinking of getting a cheapo Squier Bullet or Kramer Vt211s to plug into the amp (if that helps)

Oh, also i'm open to other suggestions, the price range would be around 100$, 70euros (i'm from europe) or 50GBP.

So anyways, thanks in advance everyone.