Well today my first bass has arrived and I've played it for about 2 and a half hours. I haven't even put a pick to it yet because I'm very concerned that I might be being too reliable on the idea of using one (I've been playing somebody elses bass for nearly two years using a pick).

I want to know if you can reccomend me an online resource for teaching me finger picking technique/s. Whether it's a lot of text, picture based or a video it is all good.

Currently I'm just doing what 'feels' right and I think there's a chance I might be harming myself or be playing in a very inefficient manner. My method is using all four fingers usually in alignment to what finger I'm using to finger the current note. Fret with index finger - pick with index finger, fret with little finger - pick with little finger.

Looking forward to your replies
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Start off with picking with your index and middle fingers (Or 1&2) going back and forth. No matter which fingers you are using on your fretting hand.


Thank you for that I've gone through the video just now. I'll be sure to go through it a few more times again and include it in part of my "technique" practice.

Thanks Xtala. I actually looked at that website a few months ago prior to getting my bass. I think I actually looked on the plucking page too. Thanks for bringing it back to my attention. I've just gone through that also. The 1/2 practice is also mentioned there too.

That site is getting a bookmark.
I collect clothes and IKEA furniture. Who are you?