Ever since i started playing guitar I've had a problem with strings becoming oxidized (rusty) well before I think they should be wearing out. I've tried several different brands and the only one that I've noticed that's held up very nicely are DR strings. However, I would like to know if there's something that I've been doing as well. My practicing is pretty erratic, but on the maybe 5/7 days of the week that I pick up the instrument I'll practice for about 2 hours total (20 mins, grab a sandwich, 30 mins, watch some Scrubs, etc.) and generally whenever I'm bored, but in the end it's ~2 hrs a day. I've tried leaving the guitar both out and about and in it's case, this hasn't made a difference at all.

The average lifespan I'm getting from my strings is about 2 weeks. Ernie Balls, however, are the worst. I decided to try them again after a first attempt, and they've oxidized horribly only one day after I took them out of the package. Also, I'm not talking about just a small amount of rust here and there, there's copious amounts of rust all the way down the string, and when I'm done playing my fingers are filthy. Any ideas? The only solution I can think of is to get stainless steel strings, but I can't find them round-wound as heavy as I would like (I play 13s).
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Wash your hands before you play. Seriously.
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Unless its electronic drums.

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Wash your hands before you play. Seriously.

That was actually the first thing I tried doing, I couldn't see it doing much.
Keep a rag (t-shirt or something) nearby and wipe down the strings during and after you play.