So I'm a greedy little bastard and I like to spoil myself so I've been thinking about getting a 3rd guitar. But this time I want to get a custom shop and not something I can just go grab off the shelf like I did with my 2 schecters basically. but it still needs to be within a reasonable price range. (Dont get me wrong I LOVE my schecters to death, I just want somethin different with this guitar)

So I was thinkin about going with a pure SSS strat this time around. (Actually I was thinking about getting a lefty and flipping it over and stringing it righty ah-la jimi hendrix style) I've heard great things about Carvin guitars but I've never actually used one myself so I'm obviously hesitant. They're prices on custom guitars are right in my range though. (obviously they aren't truely 100% custom, but close enough for me)

So my questions to you UG is have any of you played their Bolt or Bolt Plus models? If so how do they play? Worth the price? How do they compare to both my schecters (in sig). Am I retarded for going with carvin? Are they the end all be all of guitars? (kidding haha) Please any imput would be appreciated.

I was either going to get a custom shop one from them or order a bolt kit and just put the thing together myself and get my brother in law to do the sanding and painting of the body or something like that.

Thanks all

Edit: Suggestions of other US custom shops with high quality guitars and affordable prices welcome. Budget is $1500 or less. ~$1000-1200 would be ideal
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carvin is like really high quality. most thier guitars are handmade. they play beautifully. but i have only played the dc200 and dc400 series. but trust me man. you cant go wrong with a carvin.
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Their guitars are made on CNC machines but they are still very nice.