Hi i recently started Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar from Troy Stetina and i think this books is just what i need assuming that im at some point of playing kinda struggling with my speed bariers and i wanna do it right and get fast shreding style as the pros do.
Ok so my eng. is not that good mby i speak it better than write it but i guess we we'll be as clearer as we can..

Btw my word was , even tough i started practicing from this book i want to ask you for some tips i dont know how long should i stay on one exercise and how many exercises should i take per day i practice 6-7 sometimes up to 8 hrs or more and i got the first section for left hand almost done even tough i cant play top speed but i can play some mid around 110-120 bpm so again the question is how long should i take up on one single exercise and how many exercises per day should i take..
I plan and i already started one exercise from the right hand section - that's alternate picking..

Thanks i hope i can take my playing fast enough like 1 year of playing more , im preaty good at playing almost everything from rytham guitar i can play even some solos that are not lightness fast like enter sandman solo i can do it than some of the sad but true solo , sweet child o' mine and some more not that fast stuff but i cant even think about one or pantera's walk xD i just get sad there , i practice with metronome i got to mention i know how important it is ..

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