I actually rather like them. They're not exactly going to change the face of music as we know it with their unmatched songwriting prowess, but they're plenty fun to listen to, and some parts are pretty catchy.

This is coming from a guy who a) likes pretty much every form of rock music, which I believe includes old school psychedelic rock, modern metal-death-black-whatever-core, and everything in between (but definitely not necessarily every band), and b) really doesn't care if you flame me. I don't know you.

Their music videos are pretty stupid, though. That I will concede.
they are just funny, the way they play, they are a really really simple core band
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HAHA yeah, the crab movements are a bit stupid. But I didn't see an Attack Attack! video or live performance for a while after listening to them, so my initial impression was not marred by the ridiculousness of their....dancing??? I don't know what to call it.
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what's pron?

EDIT: i googled it, you guys are gross.

Well they autotuned vocals on the newest album, so the new singer could scream it.
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stop making ****ing threads on attack! attack!
if you read the threads that we already have, it would be quite clear why everyone hates them.

(not a direct quote)

i really just didn't feel like sifting through the thousands of threads for one on attack attack!, and my search only turned up references of them in other threads, so that didn't help. Ok so maybe your response wasn't "douchebaggy" but in interwebz speak, it sounded unreasonably pissed off.
Idk, everybody sees them as just another core band, but with more to make fun of. I actually like them.
it's their vaginas
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It's okay because whatever, forever
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yeah i remember when i had a good conscience. now i dont give a ****

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handbanana you win.
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R.I.P. Shaun Hand from Metal Sucks. He leaked this album and now Jake Bannon is going to crush his skull
seriously this is the dumbest thread

Quote by alm0st a skat3r
yeah i remember when i had a good conscience. now i dont give a ****

smoke weed, drink 40's, **** titties