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model citizen
by: ZanasCross

i needed a reason
to catch her pretty face,
strewn across the billboards
from one side of town
to the little dark annex
in the sex-greased darkness.
"Cause I'm a man"
seems good enough,
in my book at least,
and the sheer pleasure
of the image of her on her knees,
hands clasped on cheeks
and her pretty, pretty tears.

her wholeness is an insult
and he's telling me to break her,
break her down to our level
and let her taste the grit
in the back of our throats.

she's a whore.
a pretty, pretty whore.

no more waiting,
the blade is calling
"we've got work, sweet work,
child, we got work to be done."

there's always work to be done.

---Filling Out---
by: kdownes

It's about time for me to sprout;
I've been clawing; clawing at the
same dirt that buried my grandfather.
Hard work and grind.
I've no seen sky for...
a while.

I don't loathe my decisions,
or the places I've been.
I don't hate my creations
or regret past sins.
I just remember that night,
where the bridges were burned
despite the water I carried
and the tears I didn't cry.

I've been painting for days now,
redesigning my figure
creating a new life, chocked
full of happy trees and
whores with dirty knees that
love the way I look.
They'll bring me to life,
I can scream until my skin starts to crawl
for reasons other than angst and loss.

There's beauty in loss.
There's beauty in tears.
There's beauty in spreading yourself out
as a net for the person you love...
in being a rung to the ladder of making
her a better person.
I'm just sad that I couldn't see the beauty
until she made it to the top
and kicked the ladder back down.

Loved them both. Well done guys

Quote by Våd Hamster
Find a dice and assign a number to each girl. Throw the dice.

The number you hope for at the moment you throw the dice, is the one you'll want to keep.