ok ive got a behringer metalien with a standard trem system and i just a few minutes ago modified the thing so now i can slightly pull (about 2-3 milimeteres). however it keeps going out of tune. so my question is there any practical way of adjusting a standard trem system so i can pull up (higher in tone) instead of just loosening the bridge screws and tightining the saddles? or MUST i buy a locking nut to put on it?

just post any questions or anything you dont get about what i sed (it didnt make much sense to me either lol)
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being a low quality guitar is probably your biggest problem. upgrading the trem and getting locking tuners or a locking nut would help immensley
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For starters, floating trems ten to go out of tune very easily.
You can get a set of locking tuners, They'll help.
Or you can just get a new guitar, IMO thats what i'd do.
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