Thats awesome, could you check out my cover of rob marcellos old school, its on my profile under old school (rob marcello cover).
Please tell me what you think, thanx.
Oh, and your song sounds like something metallica would do in the eighties.
i like the intro it sounds eerie and metallica ish
its all got a pretty cool 80s type of vibe to it

the only thing is the tone isnt really my thing i dunno it sounds too trebly but i guess thats probably cuz its just a "rough mix" =D

good work sir.
Write the music you want to hear.
The intro reminds me of the cthulu track on Master of Puppets, with a few added notes. The distorted part sounds good, it has an upbeat southern feel to it. Not bad though man.
Peace be thy journey
hey man. i love around 45 when the fast distorted playing comes in and everything goes crazy lol. nice job. great guitar playing. the drums seem a little light in the mix? not bad though. also not realy my style of music, and this does sound allot like other stuff you hear, whitch i guiess is good. but i think it needs vocals. kinda reminded me a journey or acdc almost. clasic rock ish for sure though.

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