Not sure if this is the right forum or not...but here goes.

I currently play guitar in a 4 piece. We have an older bass player who is a GREAT
guitar player. He absolutely shreds on the thing. Pretty much puts me to shame.

He is content playing bass because like most of us, he just wants to play music. The
instrument is not much of a concern.

Keeping the band's best interests in mind, I have pitched the idea of I switching
roles with him. He would be our guitar player and I would be the bass player.
I am fine with this. I love to play and would like our band to go as far as we can
take it within our normal commitments and their restraints.

The other thought was for him to become our LEAD guitar, me play RHYTHM and
bring in a bass player.

HERE are my questions (finally).....for those of you with 2 guitars in your band, how
do you handle / share playing duties? We do a mix of covers and originals. For
cover songs that are mostly a 1 guitar song, what do you do? Do you BOTH play the
parts or improv and put your own spin on things?

Thanks for any help in advance.

My other guitarist and I are in a ska cover band and usually switch off between lead and rhythm depending on what song it is. Like, I'll take rhythm when we play Santeria and I'll play lead on Beer. We usually put our own spin on solos and improvise when we feel like it.

So just talk to him about what songs he wants to do and if you both want to do the same song play rock/paper/scissors for it.
Additional guitars i think usually play the catchy lines together, but as long as it's good i wouldn't personally complain about a new twist on an old song, if you're just adding a lead track and not subtracting anything from the song i don't see why not to do it. For example have a arpeggio type lead playing over a simple chord progression for a verse then when the chorus comes around pump up the power and deliver a stronger chorus together. Hope this helps
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I'm in a current hard rock cover band. I've never had a problem with two guitars. Either we mirror each other for rhythm, or often if there is a keyboard part, one of use will convert it to guitar. There are only a few songs out of sixty or so where one of us won't play for certain parts of the song. There are no songs where we do only one guitar. There is usually some way to keep us busy, and make it sound good.
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And yes, you should add your own spin on things

Yeah listening to a cover that is exactly the same as the original is wicked boring.
do it, two guitars open up alot more doors

also youd probably get more help in the bandleading thread