OK, so i just ordered some new custom vintage P90s from guitarfetish (a neck and a bridge, obviously.) on the outside of the box, they're labeled as neck and bridge, but there is a sticker on both the pickups that say "GFS bridge." Does this mean they sent me two bridge pickups? is there some other way to tell which one is the bridge and which one is the neck? what will the consequences be tonally if i go ahead and install both of them anyway, just assuming the boxes are right?

thanks in advance.
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chances are, they did in fact send you two bridge pups. they tend to do that.
but if not, i cant wait to hear clips!!!!
and if you were to put two bridge pups in, it would just make your neck position much louder than your bridge position.
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OK, so the one labeled "neck" on the box read at 8.55 Ohms, and the one labeled "bridge" on the box read 9.37 Ohms. Should i send one back?
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the guitarfetish website says that the bridge pup should measure 8.8 and the neck pup 8.0
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ok, so allowing for error with my 20-year-old multimeter that has sat outside in a garage forever, the difference between the two is the same, so it should work? put the 9.3 in the bridge and the 8.5 in the neck?
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