i've been playing for about 8 months and kinda need some help on where to go next. Im into metal (my fav. bands are Metallica, Slipknot, Lamb of God, and All That Remains) but im having trouble learning alot of songs (riffs and solos). My question is should i try and stick to practicing the riffs and solos ive been trying to work on (been doin it for long awhile and hasnt helped a lot) or should i try to learn some other easier songs to help lead up to it? I do like all kinds of rock and am open to any genre. Any suggestions, tips, etc. are much appriciated.
Practice some scales its always said but it actually does help then move them all over the fretboard Also break down the solos/riffs till you feel you can play them perfectly without any mistakes then increase the pace with a metronome or guitar pro by say 5 BPM (10 if it is still too easy) and build your way up till you can play it perfectly fine

Sorry i know that is a lot to read.
Slow down the riffs or leads you are having trouble with and work on them with a metronome. And if it's a long solo or segment, break it up. Go on measure at a time if you have to. Other than that, do some warm up exercises before you start playing, and be as relaxed as possible. The more tense you are, the worse you will play.
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Practice more, and learn scales. Scales will help you alot, especially if you want to solo alot, they are important. Oh yeah btw, my uncle is close friends with Randy Blythe

Just keep practicing, it never hurts to learn new stuff either though. Learn Peantatonic to start of with, then Harmonic minor, then you decide.
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I think you should definitely go for learning those riffs! Even though they're difficult, especially since they're difficult. To improve you need to continuously challenge yourself, so as others have said, break them down, play them slowly, and play them 10000000 times and you'll have them down
k thank you guys. sorry to be a bother but i do have one more question. in videos ive seen guys stretching their fingers across 5-6 frets and was wondering if this is just from practice in this position or if there are some exercises or stretches that can really help me out with this. thanks in advance
Pick one of the easier songs from the bands you mentioned (for example, you could try For Whom the Bell Tolls or Fade to Black by Metallica), and go for it. Break it into small chunks, spend plenty of time working on each chunk slowed down. When you feel confident, start joining chunks together. When you have the whole song joined together at a slow speed, increase the speed by about 5%. If necessary work on the chunks that give you trouble until you can handle them at the new speed and so on.

Stretchy fingerings - yeah, it's practice - mostly overall strength and flexibility you get from lots of practice. If a certain lick is too stretchy, move it up the neck, and practice it there. When that's comfortable, move it down one fret, and practice until that is comfortable, and repeat, until you are back in the desired position. Be careful not to push this too hard, as you could hurt yourself.