Hi, I'm thinking of getting an electro harmonix POG 2, I was just wondering what you guys think of this pedal? Would I better off getting the POG original or is the new one well worth it? Or maybe you can suggest a better Octave pedal for a budget of around £220.
Thanks a lot.
It sure looks great, the fact that it has presets makes it even more ineresting
Yeah it's true bypass, I don't know if the presets will affect the sound quality, probably not though
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Is it the similar electronics as the original POG, or different?

The POG2 has some features the original pog doesn't have, and the original pog has some features the POG2 doesn't have, so it's up to you, just do some research about both and choose.

Edit: And check proguitarshop.com for demos
Sounds the same or better, more features, presets, smaller size, same price tag. I say go for it, I REALLY want a POG2 also.
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