hi i am looking for an acoustic guitar. i need something below 400 dollars but i will spend more if i have to. i just want an acoustic that will last i dont need anything fancy.

i dont know much about acoustic but here is what i picked out but idk if they are any good or not:

Dean Tradition AK48 Dreadnought Acoustic
Epiphone Dove Acoustic
Fender CD 280S Dreadnought Acoustic

is dreadnaught always better?

and i play metal but i have been thinking about doing a little bit of classical on the side.
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you can also get that guitar with a standard nut width (the s6 slim) if you don't want the fat seagull neck. None of my friends can play my guitar. They all say the neck is too wide, trust me though, you get used to it quick, and I have very small hands.
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Mitchell is pretty damn good, and they're incredibly cheap. Check em out.

I just got a Mitchell and I really like it a lot. It's a acoustic-electric and only costed $200. I am a new guitarist so I'm not an expert, but I'm really happy with the guitar.
if you're going to play classical get a classical guitar because it'll sound sucky with metal strings.
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You could try some Segovia acoustics. I got one for my brother and it was only $130 and it sounds pretty good. Although I tried a lot of them at different stores and that one was the cheapest, but it seemed to have the best sound.
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