assignment: in-camera edit (no effects except for layering a song as the audio) of anything we feel like making

Anyone ever done anything like this? this is our 1st assignment and i'm trying to think of some good ideas... i dont want to make anything cliche. So anyone have any ideas for a video and a song that would go well with it? thanks
Can you do multiple takes, or is it just what you shoot with no cutting? Because, if you can't edit ANYTHING except music, then shoot something that doesn't need takes...some sort of everyday situation.

Edit: Interviewing strangers with really odd but good/interesting questions would be cool.
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A 60's type porno where first you see pictures, then it changes to a screen with like subtitles, that would be awesoe
a stop motion dance, like the puppet dance scene from being John Malkovich. Search for videos of the Brothers Quay on Youtube for ideas.
Do a stop motion porno, first it starts off with Gumby riding Pokey around town and they try and pick up a girl, she then turns down Gumby, she finally gets fed up with Gumby and she runs off, little does she know Gumby is on a horse. After chasing the bitch around he gets a good angle and jumps off of Pokey and lands his ass on the bitch. He then forcably rapes her, then shouts "UG FTW"

The End