I just bought a fender hss stratocaster with seymor duncan invader pickups on it for only $300. Its Mexancan made. I asked if they're were any chips on the guitar and he said no and that it looks fine. Do you think that I got a good deal on that guitar?
Any time you can get a Mexancan guitar it's a good deal.

Really though that is a good deal if you like the sound of the invaders.
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300 bucks seems like a pretty good deal for a mexi strat with upgraded pickups, however I do not know anything about the invaders.

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Not bad. Saved about $200 compared to getting a HSS and invader then having someone put the pickup in.

You're gonna love the invader. Its great with a lot of gain.
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Yea i've heard the invader many times and Tom delonge of Blink - 182 used it during the early 2000's which thats the sound i like. And I like the classic rock and blues.I think they lower the price once you switch up the electronics inside the guitar. This guitar will be the best purchase of my life
Billie joe armstrong from green day has one in his favorite guitar.


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