(on guitar) as the title says (psp type slow) it is a B note with a curve connecting it to a F note with 3 other notes in between
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you cant tie in 2 different notes, a tie is a note that is held longer than the way its written

Ex. a half tied with a quater would be held for 3 beats (2+1=3)
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If you're talking about lines in this sort of context:

They indicate legato playing, not note ties - except for the last 2 notes, which are tied (the second note in the tie is not mentioned on the tab).
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Although the notation looks the same a tie and 'slur' are totally different things.

A tie connects notes of the same pitch across beats/bars.

A Slur means to play the passage smoothly. So in guitar terms this would mean hammer ons/pull off/slide.

^^thats some messy notation
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^^thats some messy notation

Eh it's the first one on the first page of a "legato phrase" search
despite common misconceptions a tie and slur have the same origin - a tie is in fact just a "special case" of a slur.

A slur as indicated above means you should reduce the accenting on the notes within the slur in order to run them together smoothly. The smoothest way to run 2 of the same notes together is to just hold them over the length of them both.
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