posted a non-finished version before and got alot of responses about how it didn't work

so here is the final (probably) version of Sinimun Station!!

Sinimun Station.zip
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A very mixed range of music xD

The intro was sore on my ears because of the ringing, i'm sure it sounds way better on real guitar, but on guitar pro it really doesn't do anything justice.

The main theme kind of turned into modern pop, which i'm not sure is common in metalcore.
The verse for me, was hellish boring. With just chugging going on, but i suppose singing would make it good. The pre-chorus and verse blended well together, but those horrible sliding notes wern't doing the good rhythm any favours. Your voice on the chorus, i'm not sure it went well. But again, guitar pro could be blame for this.

The solo was lost inbetween those horrible slides as well, which was a pity. Or at least at the start. Bar 131's solo scale upwards sticks out a lot compared to the original backing, not sure if this was on purpose. And are those sweeps even realistically possible? Even if the pattern were more finger-friendly.. I think most people would have problems with that, i'd love to heard it recorded.

The piano was a good idea, but i'm not sure that the notes worked too great on it. It sounded really 'stabby', with those chords.

Overall the song was enjoyable and listenable, but just somethings need to be tweaked.
Main Theme = awesome! haha its kinda metal and happy

Pre Chorus didnt do it for me...Im not sure why.

But I like how you were able to make happy heavy.

dont really know what C4C is dude.. hardly use this forum lol

but i loved you song pretty original nice fresh ideas in there
could of made the verse a bit more interesting
however main theme is awesome chorus aswell love all the stuff going on though, whole thing reminded me of canon rock