I like it alot. Except for the headstock. Everything else is awesome.
I had a MH-1000 last summer but sold it. After a bunch of others guitars and ended up coming back to the H-1001 which practically the same guitar with a different headstock and slightly different pickup set.
Extremely versatile guitar. Plus it's a real looker.
Very closely on par with the ESP Horizon II series which costs more than double.

The abalone inlays and binding is a like-it or hate-it thing from people to people. If you like more simple look without abalones then the 400 series might be a good choice. They are cheaper and aren't really up to the LTD DELUXE series. But still, they are quite amazing instruments at this price range.

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I have a 401 and it's great so far. I haven't actually tried the 1000 so I can't tell the difference, but hey, they're great guitars. As long as you like the way ESPs are built, you can't really go wrong with it.
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