I'm planning on buying an ibanez RG370DX soon.
That is the max price i can go up too.(approx. €370)
There is a lot of contraversy over the edge III bridge.
I dont use the whammy bar much, should i get this guitar?
If you're not a whammy guy, then you should look for a hardtail instead, I've heard nothing but terrible things about Edge III's. You shouldn't limit yourself to just Ibanez, there's plenty of other good brands in that price range.
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what do you by not that much? like you never touch it or what? Its kind of werid since the edge 3 is the worst floating trem and since your not going to use it doesnt matter that much. But the thing is that if you arnt going to use the trem that much then you shouldnt get it... so... yeh... its kind of confusing