I'm starting to study classical guitar, and i really want to get one, but i dont have tons of cash to throw around and wanted to know some good ones for cheap, like up to $250 tops.
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The gear today is all pretty good for what you pay for it. I'd be inclined to go for a stereo pair rather than a single 414, although it's a very good mic. I find the guitar recording has more dimension if it's in stereo. There are quite a few ways to set up for stereo and that's probably been covered before. I own a Neumann u89 but I record guitar with a pair of Peluso CEMC6's. They sound really good and cost less than a single 414.

A knowledgeable engineer at a pro studio I was working in told me the pre's in the M-audio Microtrack were the same as in the Digi 002, for Protools. They are pretty decent pre's. They don't have any particular character, which is fine for most recording. I also own an Amek 9098 pre and have used a lot of other high end stuff. I wouldn't be surprised if the Audio Buddy was the same circuit as the other M-audio pre's and low end Protools pre's. The pre's shouldn't hold you back if you use a good mic, have a good sounding in tune guitar, record in a good sounding space, place the microphone in the right spot, and play well.
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How about Kirkland guitars? Mine was only €100,-.....I think they are cheaper now.
Give it a try.
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