Decided to buy one of these instead of a 5150.

I have some stuff to trade for it if you want, or I could just pay with cash.

Its mostly video games but i have some music gear.

A Custom Peavey Generation Series EXP guitar (I have pictures if you want). Its like, glittery gold, ive never seen anyone like it (bought it used) and when i took it to guitar center they said that they've never seen one of that color. Would be an amazing guitar to mod.

A Yamaha VX 65D 130 watt combo, considered a vintage if im not mistaken. An amazing guitar with effects, one of the best reverbs ive ever heard.

A Marshall MG 10 Watt combo (haha i know MGs are horrible but the smaller ones arent that bad).

Original Xbox + Several Games (halo 2, elder scrolls morrowind, ninja gaiden, and some others)

Forza Motorspot 2/Marvel Ultimate Alliance for Xbox 360.

An Xbox 360 56 MB Memory Card.

Some computer games (Brand new elder scrolls Oblivion, never opened included )


I can cover shipping and get it insured.

We'll probably do the transaction through Escrow if your comfortable.

Let me know if you want pictures of any of the trades.

Let me know if your interested. Thanks!