here's what i was wondering. i have a spider III 150(was a gift), this is kinda hard to explain, hopefully you'll get what i'm trying to get at, but does the quality of the amp have an effect on the sound of a pedal? or will a good pedal sound that much different running through my amp's clean setting than it would another amp? could i still get decent tone using pedals instead of the crap presets?
yes, you will not get as good a tone out of your pedal through the spider as you would running it through a better amp.

Honestly, it's not worth buying pedals to improve the amp, rather just save the money, possibly sell the spider, and buy a better amp all together
Yeah pedals sound different on different amps. You oculd get a "decent" tone running through a Spider but if you compare it to a Tube amp, it's pretty much crap.
alright, thanks for the info, i was looking into selling it but i wasnt real sure about this. although i'm sure i'm probably not going to get out of it what i want, but oh well.